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(1)Name and positioning of the convention
The name of the convention is: 2019 China International General Aviation convention, Xi'an, Shaanxi. (Hereinafter referred to CIGAC)
The CIGAC is positioned as: National General Aviation Specialized Exhibition.

(2)Theme and objectives of 2019 CIGAC
1. Theme: Promote the development of general aviation and accelerate the gathering of the aviation industry.
2. Objective: To effectively utilize the unique aviation industry resources of Shaanxi Province, actively promote exchanges and cooperation between the domestic and international navigation industry, accelerate the gathering of aviation industry, and enhance the competitive advantage of regional industries. With the direction of “large-scale, high-level, international and professional”, the convention will create a platform for local government departments, civil aviation administration departments, domestic and international general aviation industry manufacturers, suppliers, operators, investment and financing institutions, experts and scholars in aviation field, aviation enthusiasts and other parties. The participation of mentioned above will make the convention the most influential national-level general aviation specialized exhibition in China.

(3)Time and venue of 2019 CIGAC
2019 CIGAC will be held in Xi'an and Weinan City from October 17th to 21st, 2019. The opening ceremony and aviation equipment exhibition will be held at the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Xi'an. The general Aviation Summit Forum and Professional Forum, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be held at the Renaissance Xi'an Hotel. Launching ceremony, air show, static aircraft show, audience flying experience and business networking activities at the base of Pucheng Neifu airport.

(4) Organizing units of 2019 CIGAC
1. Organizers
2019 CIGAC is jointly organized by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and China Aviation Industry Corporation.
2. Supporting units
2019 CIGAC is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission, the Air Force Staff, the State Sports General Administration, and the China Aviation Society.
3. Contractors
2019 CIGAC is specially organized by the Xi'an Municipal People's Government, the Weinan Municipal People's Government, and the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau.
4. Execution units
2019 CIGAC is executed by the Northwest Regional Administration of Civil Aviation, China Flight Test Institute, Management Committee of Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation High-tech Industry Base, Yanliang District People's Government, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Xi'an Branch, Management Committee of Weinan Luyang Lake Modern Industrial Development Zone and the Pucheng County People's Government.

Organizational form
The organization of 2019 CIGAC is divided into three levels. The first level is the organizing committee and the executive committee, which is responsible for the formulation of the overall plan of 2019 CIGAC. The second level is the executive unit of the conference. It is responsible for the overall implementation of the conference and the implementation of the work of 2019 CIGAC, to make sure the convention is held safely and successfully; the third level is a professional operation management company, which was specifically implemented under the command of the executive unit.
The lead department of the executing unit is the Management Committee of Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation High-tech Industrial Base, which organizes and coordinates the overall work of 2019 CIGAC and is responsible for coordinating the decisions of higher authorities and specific affairs.

(6) 2019 CIGAC content setting
2019 CIGAC is scheduled to set up four activities, namely, the air show and aircraft static exhibition, the general aviation summit forum and professional forum, the aviation equipment exhibition, and the innovation and entrepreneurship competition.
1.The air show and aircraft static exhibition
The air show and the static exhibition of the aircraft will be held at the Nanning Airport. More than 100 aircrafts are invited, including more than 30 dynamic displays and more than 70 static displays. The estimated number of visitors is 300,000.
(1) Air show: Foreign professional flight demonstration teams will perform aerobatic performances; domestic general-purpose aircraft flight display; general aviation aircraft show performance of enterprises which entered the aviation base.
(2) Aircraft static exhibition: A static exhibition area of the aircraft is set up on the apron of the Niifu Airport to display a variety of brand-type general aviation aircraft.
(3) Flying experience: Flying experience activities include experiences for high-end customer and audience. the aircraft exhibitors will be responsible for the high-end customer flying experience, providing flight experience services for large corporate customers, and building a direct platform for aircraft manufacturers, vendors and customers to communicate. Other participating general aviation operators can provide flying experience services for the audience, enabling the audience to experience flying and love flying through their own participation.
(4) Aviation Science: Set up dynamic and static aircraft model exhibition area, model production interactive exchange area, flight simulation experience area, self-made aircraft technology exchange area, aviation book display exchange area, aviation souvenir display sales area, and popularize aviation knowledge to the public through different aviation cultural elements to cultivate aviation spirit.
(5)Flying Site Business Communication Hall: Temporary exhibition halls will be set up on site to provide booths, meeting rooms, signing rooms and business communication areas.

2.General Aviation Summit Forum and Professional Forum.
Government agencies, industry authorities and aviation industry participants will be invited. There are about 500 representatives in the forum, including about 100 government representatives, about 100 industry management representatives, and about 300 business representatives.
3.Aviation Equipment Exhibition.
 The Aviation Equipment Exhibition mainly displays general aviation and equipments.
 About 500 companies are invited to participate, including about 30 overseas exhibitors. The number of visitors to the exhibition during the exhibition will be more than 100,000.
4.Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest.
 The event began in June 2019 and will be lasting for four months. Entries will be recruited nationwide and finals will be held at the convention. It set up a linkage platform for market, capital and innovative entrepreneurs, and reserved aviation projects for aviation bases. At the same time, using the market-oriented cooperation method to mobilize financial resources, and giving more support to the dual-creation team in terms of industry incubation, technological achievements transformation, and enterprise transformation.

二、 Organization and implementation of 2019 CIGAC
 (1) Opening ceremony of 2019 CIGAC
1. Time: October 17th, 2019
Venue: Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center
2. Participants (proposed)
 (1) National ministries and industry leaders (hosts of sponsoring and supporting units);
 (2) Provincial and municipal government leaders;
 (3) Representatives of the organizing committee and member units of the executive committee;
 (4) Representatives of the participating companies.

(2) Air show and aircraft static exhibition
1. Time: October 18-20th, 2019
Venue: Aviation Neifu Airport Base (Pucheng)
 2. Implementation main body: Based on the principle of “reasonable structure, strong operation and safety”, it is proposed to entrust the implementation of the organization, command and guarantee of this flight show to the China Flight Test Institute.
 3. Air show: About 30 aircrafts of Air show, before the official start of the performance is the prelude: welcoming guests, organizing parachute performance.
 The official performance is divided into four chapters, the first chapter: air ballet, the second chapter: navigation style, the third chapter: police air condor, the fourth chapter: ready to go.
 4. Alternate Airport: During the air show, Yanliang Airport will serve as the alternate airport to coordinate and ensure the smooth completion of the flight performance mission.
5. Aircraft static exhibition: More than 70 aircrafts will be displayed, and nearly 20 brands and 30 series of domestic and foreign mainstream brands will be displayed.

(3) China General Aviation Summit Forum and Professional Forum
1. Time and venue for summit forum
Time: October 17, 2019
Venue: Renaissance Xi'an Hotel
Content: Set up 7-8 people to discuss the status quo and trends of general aviation development.
2. Time and venue for professional forum
Time: October 17, 2019
Venue: Renaissance Xi'an Hotel
Content: It is proposed to hold a number of professional forums to interpret general aviation development from different professional perspectives.
(4) Aviation Equipment Exhibition
1. Time: October 17th-21st, 2019
Venue: Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center
2. Implementation unit
The cooperative company is responsible for the interior layout of the exhibition hall, the construction of the exhibition hall and the atmosphere of the venue outside the exhibition hall.
3. Exhibition area layout
(1) General aviation equipment display area: centralized display of general aviation equipment of more than 100 manufacturers;
(2) General aviation aircraft physical exhibition area: planing to display a number of general aviation aircraft and simulators, allowing visitors to visit the navigation aircrafts and equipments at zero distance;
(3) Model airplane performance area: Organizing the RC airplane flight performance team to perform, enhancing entertainment and playing the role of science popularization.
5. Innovation and entrepreneurship contest
1. Time: October 19th, 2019
Venue: Renaissance Xi'an Hotel
2. Content: Cooperate with professional companies, collecting entries nationwide, holding finals at the site of the general aviation conference, building a linkage platform for market, capital, and innovative entrepreneurs, giving more support to the dual-creation team in terms of industry incubation, transformation of technological achievements, and enterprise transformation, and reserve aviation projects.